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About us

Dagny Day offers a selection of athleisure wear of outstanding quality and fashion – and yet the sheer comfort may be the best thing about these clothes. Dagny Day is the brainchild of former Swedish stylist Josefin and her husband, entrepreneur Frank Svandal. After the couple moved to Los Angeles, Josefin soon discovered that American women took a more relaxed approach to style than Swedish women. That sparked the idea for Dagny Day: a fashion site that gathers the best of high-end fashion in activewear. For Josefin Svandal, comfort is the be-all and end-all.

She believes that when women feel comfortable enough to be themselves, style comes naturally. In Los Angeles, yoga pants were as acceptable on the street as in the yoga studio. It was time for European women to also experience the freedom of wearing the beautiful silhouettes she saw on the streets of L.A.

From its base in Sweden, Dagny Day offers choices to women who want designer clothing that is more luxurious, but has the same functionality as fitness wear. The goals have been the same since the company started in 2016: to make women’s lives easier by offering garments from a selection of the top athleisure brands. Clothes that work perfectly whether you are hiking in Malibu Canyon, doing the town in Berlin, or closing a deal at your office in Stockholm. Clothes that liberate, simplify and let women focus on themselves and go their own way – without compromising fashion or personal style.